Monday, November 22, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Well today I did it. I bit the bullet and posted my resume online. I'm not really sure if I'm happy or sad about this decision. Needless to say, it's done and now I have to wait and see what happens as a result. I've been working my direct sales business as my full time employment since February and I just didn't anticipate that I would be looking to get back into working full time hours.

I thought that since I have several friends that work in banks, office and schools, surely they would be interested in letting me come and set up for a few hours and earn free jewelry by doing so. Well, that has not happened the way that I was hoping and that's okay. I just needed to do something to make sure that my family is stable and safe during this economic time.

I really do not like not having the extra cushion to be able to shop or decorate or even take a long weekend away. So, I have thought long and hard on what I can do and going back to work was the logical decision.

I'm crossing my fingers and praying that I did the right thing. I think I did.

Keeping an open mind....clg.

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