Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inspiration Outfit | 2011 CMA Awards - Sara Evans

So, I know that Sara had on a long sleeved shirt tonight during her performance, so I took some liberties with this corset top, but I really like how it turned out. I love the basic yet stylish look of this outfit. Tuxedo pants, great heels and pops of color with makeup, nail color and even accessories is a sure fired way to look put together and polished. What do you think? I need to be invited to an event soon so I can recreate this look. This definitely has style and sass!

Must Have | Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Have you seen the Beauty Junkies Unite blog yet? Are you a regular follower? If you answered no, you really need to check it out. I've been following this blog for a few months now and she really has a lot of great reviews, opinions and recommendations to share with her readers. I recently saw her review for REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter. CONFESSION: I am a lipstick/lip gloss junkie!!  I was happy to see her "YOU NEED THIS" on the pic of some really great shades of lipstick and to read her review of the product. I loved the fact that she described how the product felt and gave us some pictures of all of the shades that she modeled. Let's face it, how many times have you gotten a new shade only to be disappointed with the texture or wear-ability factor? I know that I am not alone here, ladies.

ANOTHER CONFESSION: I usually shop at Walgreens and not CVS for beauty supply needs, but I decided to stop off and check out my local store, last night. I was pleasantly surprised! I found an entire display of these beauties and made my selection, carefully. I ended up going with Raspberry Pie and Cherry Tart. They are a great blend of color, shine and softness. I've worn Raspberry Pie all day today and work and it's worn very well. And that's even through two cups of coffee and trying to get in all of my water for the day.

I highly recommend that you run out and check your local CVS for these beauties. I have a feeling that they will not last long but if you still need a little convincing to try these for yourself, check out Nouveau Cheap for more great shades, swatches and info!

Keep it stylish & sassy!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fabulous Find | JC Penney Sale

While out and about last week I decided to stop by JC Penney and check out some of their fall pieces. I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of colorful sweaters and fun jackets out already. I was also really happy to find that they had crew neck t-shirts that were on sale. $6.99 for fun, jewel-toned t-shirts? Yes please!

Looking a little further, I saw boot cut corduroy pants that were also on sale. I had some pants previously from the Ashley Judd clothing line that was sold at Goody's but they had seen better days, so I had to give them away. I'm excited to add them into my winter wardrobe and pair them with fun boots!

Yay for a good sale!!!

Always filled with style and sass!

Friday, November 4, 2011

For the Home | Fun New Office

Source: From via Courtney on Pinterest

I have to say that these little, space saving ideas get me very excited. I love when you find little things like a fun power room under the stairs or a secret bookcase that when moved house another room. LOVE IT!!! The idea above is so great that I had to share. I'm thinking that I need to try this in my craft room. It would really open up my room to have a fun sitting area. My husband has the bonus room as his man room so why can't this be mine? What do you think? Do you like this concept of built in's in your closet? This does have a little Style and Sass to it...

To iPad or Not to iPad

I think I'm one of the few people that I know that does not have an iPad yet. I'm not really sure why I've not broken down and purchased one before now, but all of a sudden, I have severe iPad fever. I see them everywhere now. Not only with my friends and co-workers, but even our news broadcasters have them while they are on air. The are showing up on shows like Criminal Minds too. Not only are consumers jumping at the chance to own this revolutionary technology, but evidently, so is Hollywood. So, I'm posing this question to all of you out there that are current iPad users. What do you use yours for mostly? Do you use it for Twitter, Facebook and other apps like that or do you use it mostly to catch up and read your blogs? Any regrets on your purchase? Fill me in and help me determine if I'll be joining the ranks of other Apple junkies and purchasing the new one when it comes out! *Style and Sass*

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Black Dress

Color Inspiration | Orange

Color Inspiration | Orange

Dorothy Perkins orange t shirt
£7 -

Dorothy Perkins jean jacket
£22 -

Milly flare pants
£108 -

Max Mara printed handbag
£660 -

Linea Pelle Collection leather bangle
$60 -

18 karat gold ring

So this was my first attempt to add a Premier Designs jewelry set to one of my polyvore creations. If you haven't checked out polyvore, you should!!! It's just as addicting as Pinterest though, so unless you have some time to devote to playing around on the site, I suggest you hold off. If you are inspired by all things beauty and fashion, you will really enjoy the site. You are able to take different elements, tops, pants, hand bags, shoes and even accessories and make up, put them together and voila! You have your own creation. I live in Tennessee, east Tennessee. If you know anything about that area of the U.S., you know that this area centers around college football. Needless to say, I have created a few "game day" inspired looks. This is my latest one. What do you think? Could you see yourself in this outfit? To me, it's the epitome of comfortable but classy. You have dressier jewelry paired with casual denim. It's a great combination, don't you think?

Evening out

Evening out

Empire dress
$140 -

Herve Leger beaded vest
$1,373 -

Brian Atwood round toe pumps
$575 -

Rodo clutch hand bag
$1,899 -

EFFY COLLECTION black white ring
$1,590 -

Swarovski blue jewelry
$270 -

14 karat gold jewelry
$88 -

Dior 'Rock Coat' Topcoat
$20 -