Wednesday, January 13, 2010

...who likes to layer necklaces

Let's face it, who wants to blend in to the crowd? Not me. I like to be fashionable and stylish but I like to put my own spin on my style. In other words, I want to define my style and not let it define me. When I first became an Independent Jeweler, I never thought I would be wearing multiple necklaces or stacking bracelets. But that's the fun part of my job. To experiment with style and looks. This is a perfect example of layering your necklaces. Gumdrops-by Kate Spade

It's done for you. No muss, no fuss. It creates layers and dimension just like your clothing can do. Your jewelry should be like icing on the cake. It's the last thing you put on, but sometimes it's the first thing that is noticed.

Have fun with fashion and experiment. If it doesn't work, just take it off and try something else. Pair a chunky longer necklace with your favorite diamond pendant or a cross necklace that you cannot seem to part with. Just try different looks and create your own style.

Wear it with style,

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Kim @ A Life of Style said...

I love to layer necklaces. I mix metals & colors. I especially love to wear a bunch of necklaces over a plain white tee or a cute black dress. Great post!